Biophysics - Quadridimension

The M-Theory hypothesizes that the universe Is a three-dimensional 3-brana immersed in an 11-dimensional hyperspace. The world where we live, and of which we have direct knowledge, is a three -dimensional world. We are dived in a 3 -dimensional reality of width, height and depth, when time is added to these 3 dimensions, they become the fourth dimension. Since ancient times, to describe and explain the physical phenomena observable on earth and space, human beings have used the concept of time as a reference, a day for the rotation of the planet on its axis, hours to quantify the movements from one point to the other of the surface, light years to measure distances in space, and the need for an increasingly precise measurement of time, if It is easy believe that time is the same for everyone, actually, it can run to different speeds. The measurement of the most precise time is carried out by the Cesium atom, which bombed of energy,vibrates generating pulsations of light 9,192,631.770 billion times exactly in a second (NIST). In reality, all atoms have a natural vibration frequency, everything which vibrates and which has a repetitive motion, can be a watch. Human DNA emits fluorescence and has a natural vibration frequency without energy bombing, its clock distorts the canonical concept of time, plus, the DNA watch can be modulated and therefore become the main entrance for the fourth dimension."

 Dr. Vittorio Catalano