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My research began by studying two closely integrated key concepts: Emotions and Identity and their interrelation with psychoneuropathology,subsequently integrated with the concept of Imagery: a transcendental expression of the world,like type of external and physical form of objects, perceived by the sensory systems as light, or sound. I wished to place more emphasis, on the interdependence, between our inner world and the external world, our body, our brain and our skin, the tree near me and the air around us.Emotion as a systemic event, Identity as image, not only as a core of genetic makeup, but as imagery by the physical cultural world. The world as interactive setting, It is a world of energy.


A today the research impact analysis, shows that my papers are world wide representative, reaching more than 104/196 Countries present in the world,and receiving more than 5000 mentions in the best world scientific magazines (epidemiology,immunology, neuroepigenetics, biophysics, psychiatry,  biochemistry, bioengineering and much more research topics). It is notable, that topics as microRNAs, monoclonal antibodies, neuroimmunology, are the basic fields for frontier research on pandemics as covid19, vaccines technologies, cancer research, neurodegenerative diseases as Alzheimer, Parkinson, also aging, bio-medical engineering, environmental sciences and more.New media communication and public relations SSI (social selling index) medicine first 1%, SSI network first 3% into a 30k+ network

Dr Vittorio Catalano

 - Neuroscientist -