Bioengigneering - Biofields 

"In the ancient writings the world is described as a great being that breathes and moves, with an "essence" that envelops it and makes it alive. At the beginning of the twentieth century, a universe dominated by relentless ancestral forces and beings subjugated by energetic drives was conceptualized. In what probably represents the first theory of biofields or local field of interaction, the human being was figured within two fields of interaction. The outermost one, which symbolizes the environment as a whole, and another intermediate called motor perceptual, that is, where the "interactions" that can modify the System take place,indicated as vectors forces. Sound waves, electromagnetic radiation, thermal energy, are able to establish a direct interaction with living organisms. In addition to the ability to assimilate, transform and interpret these energy entities, human beings are able to emit luminescence from the epidermis, brain waves, and to dissipate thermal energy throughout the body in the surrounding environment. This continuous multidirectional energetic interaction is capable of modifying both the environment and the human biological systems. However, there is also a "non-local" field, equally capable of transmitting information instantly as if distances were non-existent. Take place thus, a synchronization due to the phenomenon of Entanglement, whereby two intimately linked electrons are governed by the same wave function. Because of this, they interact instantly, nullifying any distance, as participants in a large, perpetually interconnected network that binds all the particles."

Dr. Vittorio Catalano